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Introducing The Healthnet Platform - an integrated healthcare technology platform that can be configured to join up any clinical service in hospital, community clinics, general practice and the patient at home or care home.


Using secure, web based technology, The Healthnet Platform gives the clinician options for new and efficient ways of working. 


The Healthnet Platform is set up for online referrals between healthcare centres (eg family practices to hospital specialist departments) as follows:

The patient has contact with the GP and a problem needing specialists advice is identified.

The patient is registered using their NHS number on the Healthnet Platform.

A Healthfile is created for the patient and symptom added with history.

Images are uploaded to the symptom using the patient’s own pictures or those taken at the surgery using the supplied webcam and dermatoscope.

Relevant patient notes are added to the referral.

The referral is made to the specialist.

A                  can be sent directly to a patient at home to add their own symptom history and images. This can automatically make a referral straight to a specialist.


Specialists view the referral and an outcome is made:

Diagnosis and advice on treatment and discharge.

Diagnosis, treatment plan and follow up on the platform to assess progress.

Integrated triage leading to a face to face appointment or book direct for a procedure.

Outcome immediately available to the referring centre on the Healthnet Platform.

This configuration allows the specialist department to manage the referrals on a day to day basis.

Examples of use.

GP Practice to consultant, eg Dermatologist.

District nurses to dermatologist for wound care.

Care home via GP to dermatologist.

Prisons to dermatologist.

CCG GP’s to dermatologist.  

Pharmacy to dermatologist

The detail.

Telemedicine/teledermatology service proposal

The combination of easy to use technology, efficient deployment, training, support, and high quality timely clinical reports is crucial for successful partnership. With the Healthnet platform Clinical Partnership takes on all the project management risk for delivery of the service.

Based on a new patient tariff, this includes:
Telemedicine stand, webcam and digital dermatoscope 

Remote training practice staff to register patients and make referrals.

Clinical report for each referral with outcome.  

Onward eRS referral with UBRN to local acute trust on existing pathways.

2WW upgrades where necessary and this can be the pathway for 2WW referrals. 

Text alert to patient is an option when their report is ready.

Ongoing telephone support. 

Monthly reports on activity and clinical workload.

Service can include 2 week wait referrals
for melanoma and squamous cell carcinoma.


For Acute Trusts.

Where the acute trust is leading the service and in order for consultants to be able to concentrate on delivering face to face services, Clinical Partnership is able to supply additional clinical expertise to report on the referrals.


For Clinical Commissioning Groups
and Primary Care Networks.

Clinical partnership works with the acute trust, general practices and the CCG to lead the deployment of the service working with the practices directly reporting to the commissioners.

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