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This allows a centre of expertise (usually a specialist department in a hospital) to link with referring sites (usually general family practices) through The World Healthnet Platform for referrals and outcomes. This can either be for telemedicine alone or to support and take forward and existing service.

How it works?

The specialist centre is set up. 

The referring sites are registered.

The contract for telemedicine is added saying who funds it, what speciality and who is doing the booking and checking follow up from the outcomes.

The general practitioner or advanced nurse practitioner finds they need advice or need to refer a patient in their normal consultations.

The patient is then registered on The World Healthnet using the NHS or health service number - this takes 1 minute.

Pictures are taken from a webcam and the 'Image capture' technology.

The referral note is added giving the reason to the specialist.

The urgency is selected and sent.

The specialist immediately gets alerted and can log on to see the history and images and make the outcome.

Updates can be requested directly from the patient at home.

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Black and white strip image of a doctors hand use a wireless tablet to monitor patient data on The World Healthnet Platform

The World Healthnet

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