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Remote link technology -

a new way to consult with patients.

A one time weblink is texted or emailed to a patient with a PIN.

The patient opens the link on a phone tablet or desktop and:

Answers a set of screening questions to check for illnesses, signs of cancer etc.

Symptoms, history and images are added.

All information from a MyLink is stored to a patient’s Healthfile and goes: 

Back to the GP who sent the                   and is alerted when it is ready to view,

Or to the specialist directly who will feedback to the GP.

A MyLink can also be used :

To update results from treatment.

To pay invoices. 

For patient feedback questionnaires.

For more information on our key features and pricing please email:

Black and white strip image of a doctors hand use a wireless tablet to monitor patient data on The World Healthnet Platform

The World Healthnet

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