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Our vision:

To provide a single information technology platform for healthcare that can be used anywhere in the world by every, clinic, hospital and person.


The Healthnet

Platform with


The straightforward platform joining up clinics, clinic administration and finances all in one place. Simple access through a web browser.

The World



Face to Face  

& Virtual Services.

An integrated healthcare technology platform that can be configured to join up any clinical service in a hospital, community clinic, general practice and the patient at home or care home.


and Services.

Creating an online network between healthcare professionals to make referrals between each other for advice on diagnosis and treatment plans or to take over patient care.


Image Capture.

When a picture can help the symptom history to make a diagnosis - an actual visible image of the area of pain.

(A picture speaks a thousand words).

Wound Care:

The underlying diagnosis of a wound can be difficult and includes varicose ulcers, arterial ulcers, trauma, skin cancers and other skin conditions that prevent wounds from healing. Access to specialist advice on diagnosis and management is crucial to improve outcomes.



Remote link technology.

A new way to consult with patients. 

Clinical Data Service and Research.

The Healthnet Platform - records, collates and presents real time clinical data including patient symptoms, examination findings, investigations, diagnoses, treatments and outcomes. Giving immediate access to quality clinical data for research purposes.

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