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The Healthnet Platform

The straightforward platform joining up clinics, clinic administration
and finances all in one place. Simple access through a web browser.


Book patients for consultation

Face to Face.

Remote Consultation.

Using                  - allowing patients to send their information to you directly.

Clinic Administration:

Save 50% of time taken to manage clinics

Voice dictation direct into the platform with transcription and editing options.

Clinic letters automatically generated and sent daily to general practice by email.

Task manager - ensure that no administrative or clinical task is missed.


Save 50% of time taken to manage accounts and invoicing
Simple service items and fee set up for each funder.

All clinic activity tracked, transferred to invoice with weekly account reconciliation.

Payments taken direct to the platform through Stripe.

Options for pre-payment, payment in clinic, individual & batch invoices to funders.

Monthly accounts with full business performance and trend analysis.


The Healthnet

with Healthfile.

An integrated consultation experience
for healthcare professionals.


Patient records: - Introducing Healthfile
All clinical information is stored in each patient’s own Healthfile which keeps
a confidential record of every episode of care.


The Healthfile is accessed through the Healthnet Platform and is person’s whole life health record and supports:

Clinical consultation recording.

Symptoms history with image capture.

Diagnoses, current and past medical history.

Examinations across all specialities.

Medication prescription and outcomes. 

Investigation - requests, reports and graphic trends. 

Clinical notes. 

Outcomes of consultations and booking follow up care.

The Healthfile presents to the healthcare professional all the medical history that has been gathered from a person in a clear and logical way.

This means that the patient no longer has to repeat their history at every consultation.

For more information on all our service proposals and pricing please email:

Black and white strip image of a doctors hand use a wireless tablet to monitor patient data on The World Healthnet Platform

The World Healthnet

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