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Consultation from home 

In a lockdown situation patients cannot see the general practitioner. In this situation patients at home can still be 'seen'.

A SMS text or email can be sent to the patient or a carer for them to add the symptom and images… the symptom is then viewed by the general practitioner.

How it works?

The patient phones or contacts the practice wanting a consultation for a symptom.

The patient is registered on
The World Healthnet Platform.

As the patient is registered an email or SMS text sends a one time weblink and PIN to the patient.

This one time use web page can be used on mobile phone, tablet, ipad or desktop.

This web page lets the patient add skin symptoms like lumps, rashes and so on and add pictures of skin problems.

This is instantly saved to the person’s Healthfile.

The general practitioner can immediately see the symptom and pictures.

Outcome can be made 

The general practitioner can give a diagnosis and advice there and then or refer on to a specialist for another opinion

Key Features:
Image Capture
Healthcare Technology

For more information on our key features please email:

Black and white stripe image of a doctors hands looking at patient data on The World Healthnet Platform

The World Healthnet

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