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Introducing The Healthnet Platform - records, collates and presents real-time clinical data including patient symptoms, examination findings, investigations, diagnoses, treatments and outcomes. Giving immediate access to quality clinical data for research purposes.


Patient experience is improved because the clinician can clearly see the complete medical history for that person and this valuable clinical data is merely a by-product of busy clinics.


The stored data provides a clinical audit of live patient care that does not need additional ‘cleaning’. Precise data sets can be pulled to monitor performance of
a drug or device and to carry out trials of developing products.

The Healthnet platform is set up for the clinician’s service and the benefits are:

The clinician at the centre of their service, seamlessly communicating with specialist nurses, trainees, administrative and research teams.

Easy recording of quality clinical information in a logical order so they can make the best decisions on patient diagnosis and management.

Releasing valuable administrative time for clinicians in busy clinics. Having all clinical data recorded in a uniform way by all members of the team.

Having all administrative tasks completed, therefore reducing clinical risk.

Being at the forefront of new ways of working including using

Giving an enhanced patient experience on the platform as part of pharmaceutical product support.

With the appropriate consent from patients, it will automatically allow the monitoring of your product performance with real life data.

Joint Venture.

A joint venture digital partnership with a pharmaceutical company:

You offer The Healthnet Platform to clinicians as your joined-up healthcare digital solution for clinics and clinical research in your product areas.

Deployment, training and support carried out by The World Healthnet. 

You use existing relationships to introduce the Platform.

The successful rollout would allow you to lead the digital solution across all relevant clinical areas.

You will have created a network of clinicians for future clinical trials.

The web-based Healthnet Platform means that it is easy to deploy, is instantly updated and cost effective to develop for future innovations.

A technology partnership with The World Healthnet means that you do not have the risk of specifying apps or IT systems that have limited scalability or usability.

There is a clear and pressing need for this platform across all the 517 private hospitals in the UK delivering very quick return on investment.

For more information on all our service proposals and pricing please email:

Black and white strip image of a doctors hand use a wireless tablet to monitor patient data on The World Healthnet Platform

The World Healthnet

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