Wound Care


The underlying diagnosis of a wound can be difficult and includes varicose ulcers, arterial ulcers, trauma, skin cancers and other skin conditions that prevent wounds from healing. Access to specialist advice on diagnosis and management is crucial to improve outcomes.


The Healthnet platform is set up for the wound care service:

Tissue viability nurses at the central node of a network of district nurses.

The tissue viability nurses link to dermatologists for the specialist opinion.

District nurses can take images there and then at site.

The                  remote link can be sent to a patient in a care home or at home to add pictures of their own wounds for diagnosis or monitoring.

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The detail.

A digital wound care partnership with Smith+Nephew - leads to other clinical areas: We are proposing a joint venture, offering the new technology platform to the 200 or so CCG’s and community services providers in each area e.g. Hull has City Healthcare Partnership and Humber Foundation Trust locally.

S+N uses its existing relationship between sales representatives, tissue viability nurses, CCG’s and community services providers. 

The Healthnet platform with Healthfile sold as ‘joined up wound care digital solution and wound care product support’ allowing the monitoring of product performance in wound healing.

S+N shares monthly user licence fees per district nurse per month.

S+N shares fee from each referral.

S+N benefits from increased use of products as regimes would increase compliance changing dressings more frequently with skincare up to daily.

The World Healthnet and Clinical Partnership leads the deployment and training.

Healthcare providers release district nurse time for other healthcare priorities.

The successful deployment would allow S+N to lead the digital solution into other clinical areas such as joint pain, sports injury and orthopaedics.

For more information on all our service proposals please email: admin@theworldhealthnet.com

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