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Face to Face  

& Virtual Services.

Introducing The Healthnet Platform - an integrated healthcare technology platform that can be configured to join up any clinical service in a hospital, community clinic, general practice and the patient at home or care home.


Using secure, web-based technology, The Healthnet Platform gives options for new and efficient ways of working, bringing all the correct clinical information together at the right time, whether the healthcare professional is on-site (fig a) or running a virtual clinic from elsewhere (fig b).


Appointments are easily scheduled and tracked, whether they are face-to-face, by video or telephone.

The Healthnet platform schedules face to face and remote consultations in any setting:

Service items with their fees are created: new and follow up consultations, face to face, video, telephone and

Clinic templates are set up in one simple step: the healthcare professional, start, end and appointment slots, including breaks.

Patients are easily booked in for face-to-face or remote consultations. 

The patient Healthfile shows all clinical information to the healthcare professional instantly and clearly - reducing time taking the history from the patient - saving valuable time in busy clinics.

The progress of clinics can be tracked in real time.

The outcomes are easily made and logged at the end of each consultation enabling all team members to take action needed.

Integrated voice recording and transcription saves time dictating clinic letters and reduces the risk of error.

The link to the secretaries allows letters to be created in real time.

All procedures and consumables can be tracked to each patient so ‘coding’
and billing is quick, complete and accurate.

Clinic invoicing is automatic and able to be processed in batches, thus saving more time.

The overview of data (eg new to follow-up ratios) allows clinic managers to easily plan clinic capacity and workload.

Fig a

Healthnet Clinic configuration (fig a).
Mixed face to face (healthcare professional onsite) and remote consultations.

Healthnet Clinic configuration (fig b).
Virtual clinics only - healthcare professional - offsite no face to face.

Fig b

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Black and white strip image of a doctors hand use a wireless tablet to monitor patient data on The World Healthnet Platform

The World Healthnet

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